Most big-factory guitars are usually grain-filled, then primed (2 coats), painted (2 to 6 coats) then finished with lacquer (2 to 6 coats), so even Custom Shop finishes can be at least 10-15 coats thick.   This strangles a guitar's natural resonance and explains why older instruments with thinning finishes are so prized.   So it has been exhilarating discovering my new finishes which are both super-thin AND gorgeous to look at.


Plenty of research and test-painting has led me to this unique custom finish, which just glows.  It is the thinnest guitar finish available, with plenty of colour options.   I am very proud to have made this finish work for guitars and basses, and it is not seen on any other guitars.   Slightly reminiscent of the old Fender Candy finishes, but so thin, the guitar just resonates for days, without being throttled by too many layers.  Click on the pictures for a close-up.

All colours 9.jpg
Telecaster Orange Gold Shimmer
Jazz Bass Mint Green Shimmer


All the cool of a guitar that has seen plenty of action but with new, modern hardware and electronics. 

From gently bedroom-loved to full-on thrown around world stages for years...


Again a very thin finish to let the tone breathe, copper or bronze, patina'd for a striking, unique bass or guitar finish.


Happy to make great guitars and basses in well-known and popular finishes too!

If you see an example of something you like here, then it should be straightforward to build you a guitar or bass to your specification in that finish.  Just get in touch. 

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