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Looks, feel and sound - this is what is important in every Winyard instrument.    

All finishes, including my unique Blackheart and Rust finishes, are yours to choose, including vintage paints and relic options.  Beautifully-grained rosewood boards, or maple, or ebony...  Pickups to suit too, so keep your eyes on the site, or if you would like to know some more, please fire any questions over.  

Click on the images below for a closer look at what clients have specified...

Winyard P4 57 Black
Winyard P4 51 Butterscotch
Winyard P4 57 Sunburst
Winyard P4 James Hunt
Winyard P4 Blackheart.jpg
Winyard P4 51 Butterscotch Heavy Relic.jpg
Winyard PJ4 Rust.jpg
Winyard Jazz Bass
Winyard Bass PJ4
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