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The EverTune® is a revolutionary, patented, all-mechanical guitar bridge system that keeps guitars in tune under any conditions. Using nothing but clever physics in combination with a system of springs and levers, EverTune® maintains constant tension on each individual string, keeping the guitar in perfect tuning indefinitely.

No more tuning between songs, or even between gigs.  Too good to be true?   No, it really works.  Ask Devin Townsend, Keith Urban, Enter Shikari, Steve Stevens, Rise Against, Andy Sneap, Andy James (FFDP) and more all the time. EverTune® bridges can be fitted to almost any Winyard, so if you see something you like, and fancy world-leading, rock-solid tuning stability, look no further.  Click on the image below for a closer look...

Winyard W5
Sexy Stealth Evertune Rust HSH.jpg
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