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Pickups...   The element most likely to influence the sound of a guitar, but only in combination with body/neck materials, electronics and player style.

Winyard pickups are built to order by one of the most talented and knowledgeable teams around.   This is a very specialist area, so leaning on experts in the field is by far the best way to get great sounding pickups, vintage or modern.  This also means a much wider range of tones and options can be discussed and delivered, especially with the unique Winyard Stealthcaster®.

If you have a specific requirement in terms of magnets, windings, wire, mounting, bobbins, colour, split coils, taps, finish etc., then almost anything can be arranged.  And of course, favoured pickups from ANY manufacturer can be sourced and fitted.

I usually fit something "clean to mid-gain" and, on occasion, if that doesn't quite gel with the guitar, will swap them out for something else.   I have my favourites, but expect you will too.  Several guitars are fitted with P-ups that players would not expect, so even though "Whose pickups do you use?" is usually the first question I am asked, I tend not to tell...  There are many flavours to try, so bring an open mind.

Most importantly though, the tone result is how the all the woods and electronics find a harmony that just fits a player's style.  The sky's the limit.   

Winyard Guitars
Winyard Guitars
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